Enabling seamless transition from the old to the new

Our application migration and re-engineering services are aimed at ensuring that migration to new technologies occurs smoothly without interrupting your operations while the life cycle of functionality-rich existing systems is extended.
Our expertise in legacy and new-age technologies as well as experience across industries and domains helps us to manage enterprise application migration and modernization successfully and seamlessly.

Why SiligentLogic

Improve customer experience and reduce costs, while boosting security, availability, performance and agility. Migrate your critical enterprise technology to the latest versions and state-of-the-art hybrid cloud platforms. Our technology migration services proved to deliver vital business benefits such as:
  • Boosted technical support
  • Ease of business risk
  • Greater system performance
  • Reduced system dependencies
  • Superior technical support
  • Improved data portability
The benefits of migrating to new versions and platforms Leaving behind your old, potentially unsupported platforms and moving to modern technology can bring numerous benefits, including:
  • Eliminate the ever-increasing support costs of legacy databases and platforms
  • Standardize databases and platforms, leveraging more powerful and fully supported technology
  • Save money by consolidating your technology footprint
  • Access a greater number of skilled resources in the marketplace to support and develop your platform: the available pool invariably declines over time for older technologies, potentially putting your business at risk

Our Offerings

Application Migration

We stand in very few technology companies, who can re-engineer or modernize these legacy software and can put life in it. Say you have desktop applications serving critical business problem written in uncommon language and you rarely getting support, why not to migrate it in latest frameworks of your choice.

Data Migration

Is a key element while adapting any new system. We always consider both data volume & data value before taking any strategic move. We have home grown tools like with various data adaptors for data movement across database platforms.

Data Migration Steps


Platform Migration

Monolithic applications are designed to run with static configuration in on premises private data centres. these applications obviously need platform migration to benefit agility, affordability and scalability. Platform migration is a strategic move to scale limits of your software.

Cloud Migration

Your cloud migration has a destination, but it isn’t the cloud. It is a state of continuous reinvention. That’s why you should have migration advisors who understand the dynamics of your business and can help you capitalize on new opportunities across your entire cloud journey.

SiligentLogic seamlessly integrates with your cloud and container environments