IoT Accelerator platform

IoT Accelerator Platform’s key functionalities, the IoT Accelerator platform is built to connect billions of devices and millions of applications easily and seamlessly.

Our IoT Accelerator

Our IoT Accelerator provides a rich set of built-in functions to help you kick-start your IoT application development.

Organization Setup

Administrating various models and other attributes, Enabling mapping multiples devices in your organizational setup.

Device Management

Addressing software update and device provisioning, including licensing and other API calls handling.


Recording and reporting of devices status, uptime, downtime, versions, location and config logs etc.

Angular JS Development

Defining alerts triggers, for various attributes including communication channels.

Data storage

Handling all form of data from all the devices to the IoT Platform.


Securing all the connected devices and securing the in between communications.


Enables bootstrapping your IoT application development with several starter applications.

Protocol Libraries

Providing Libraries for protocols along with client libraries.