Enterprise Mobility Solution

Enterprise mobility using the latest in technology has helped multiple corporations climb the ladder to success in their respective industries as well as in the world of business in general. It describes the trend of a greater number of employees working outside the office and using mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks. With the rise of smartphones and tablets a few years ago, the workforce began to shift toward mobility. When it comes to offering business solutions we drive excellence through our expertise in Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Technology is one ever changing truth, the important factor is the rapid pace with which a business demands a solution.

Why Embrace Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise mobility solutions give you access to an enterprise mobile software solution that can help you, your employees and the company perform better by providing you with veritable end-to-end solutions. You can meet your B2C and B2E needs easily with the right Enterprise Mobility Services. We offer a few top reasons to embrace enterprise mobility:
  • Quicker reporting of events and KPIs to a wider audience to provide full situational awareness and promote good decision making and issue resolution
  • Higher profits due to efficiency gains
  • Improved workforce productivity due to real-time data collection, artificial intelligence, and reporting
  • Reduced expenses and waste due to inefficient resource allocation
  • Improve visibility to remote operations and projects, enabling better data-driven decisions
  • Provide more collaboration faster, with remote workers contributing to the decision-making

Our Approach

Consulting & Strategy
Delivery Services
Managed Services
Customized mobility enterprise solutions

Work with our mobility advisory services team and develop a sound strategy to achieve your enterprise mobility goals. We don’t do the process alone, rather, we include you in the decision making process and also implement the ideas shared by the businesses.

At every step we aim to deliver and deploy the business solutions for the success of your business. Reinvent the way you design and develop custom mobile applications—from UI design and testing, to data integration and security.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing this service to every client; making their enterprise mobility solution experience one they will be completely satisfied with. Our managed services help you accelerate deployment of mobile technology through cloud-enabled, “pay as you go” services for a predictable fixed fee.

Our wide range of mobility solutions, from pre-built frameworks to complete enterprise solutions, In order to provide customized mobility enterprise solutions, we deliver:

  • Cloud-based deployments
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Remote Monitoring and Provisioning
  • Optimized User Productivity

Why SiligentLogic for your Mobility Solutions?

Speed time to innovation and simplify operations with a virtualized and orchestrated mobile network. At every step we aim to deliver and deploy the business solutions for the success of your business. Our success lies in providing best enterprise mobile solutions through mobile app development.

In order to provide best Enterprise mobility solutions, we offer:

  • Mobile LifeCycle Management
  • Mobile Policy Management
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Mobile Security Management

Make your Enterprise more Mobile

Mobilize your organization with Enterprise Mobility solutions. Help workers be fully productive, Connect with customers on a more personal level with Connected Mobile Experiences. Accelerate application development and improve your customer's mobile experience with our well defined and Stratezied.

Mobile WorkSpace Solution
Connected Mobile Experiences
Enterprise Mobility Services Platform

Productive Employees

We make Mobile Workspace Solution, making your employees more productive and collaborative, we give them secure remote access to your applications, data and communications. It builds following solutions so you can adopt the whole package or deploy them one by one. BYOD Smart Solution offers highly secure access to your network on any mobile device. It brings together our WLAN, security, and network policy technologies. Desktop Virtualization allows to deliver Windows applications to any device. Work on your virtualized applications and desktops wherever you are. Mobile Collaboration offers effective and efficient collaboration outside the office. Native mobile applications extend our Unified Communications, instant messaging and web and video conferencing to any mobile device.

Engaged Customers

Use Wi-Fi location and mobile technologies services to give your visitors a convenient experience. Proide them right information at the right time, on innovative, context-aware mobile apps. Understand them better by using Wi-Fi location-based analytics. Earn customers satisfaction, experience and loyalty and resulting in better business.

Connected Platform

Mobile apps. Business apps. Productivity apps. It brings them all together and makes them easier to integrate and deliver to mobile devices. Platform makes it easier and safe  to build mobile apps for your customers and employees.