Product Sustenance and Support

Companies must dispense with a siloed approach to product management and aspire for an integrated support system to address the above challenges. A cost-effective, efficient and responsive product sustenance engineering practice must leverage technologies such as product intelligence, Big Data, and analytics to reduce time to market. From independent software vendors and telecom leaders to aerospace and medical OEMs, optimized product sustenance engineering system finds strategic application across several industries.

Harness complex machine-learning algorithms with our Sustenance Engineering solution to gain predictive insights for engineering activities. Empowered by proven analytics-driven algorithms, our approach couples data extraction/mining with software engineering best practices.


Why SiligentLogic for Support

At SiligentLogic we believe in sustainable products/solutions and take care of product maintenance and solutions for our customers. SiligentLogic takes total ownership of providing fixes and periodic patch releases for its products/solutions. These include minor enhancements. We also sets up multi-tiered support organizations to interact with our customers catering to all geographies. SiligentLogic has Service Level Agreements (SLA?s) with its customers and reports its performance on a regular basis.

SiligentLogic can independently or with the collaboration of the technical teams of the client, take up major enhancements of the product/solution which would help extend the life of the product/solution in the market. We also cater to the varied requirements of the customers.


Organizations can leverage our sustenance solutions and action the following benefits:

  • Capacity for Innovation, as core team members are free to focus on Innovation
  • Reduced cost of ownership by minimizing sustenance costs
  • Reduced overall workload, resulting from the reduction of management overheads
  • Maintaining and growing product market shares by enhancement and upgrades

Our Sustenance Support Features

Seamless Development

Seamless development delivers more of its power when circumstances change: user requirement, performance constraint & design ideas.

Efficient Testing
Identifying critical test case executions and ensuring quality of test cases to enable faster time-to-market.
Robust Monitoring
Single dashboard window to monitor the performance of resources, identify hot spots and other critical areas of the project.

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