IoT is an effective global network organization of physical and virtual objects having unique identities, which are implanted with software, sensors, actuators, electronic and network connectivity to facilitate intelligent applications by collecting and exchanging data.

Features of IOT

The most important features of IoT on which it works are connectivity, analyzing, integrating, active engagement, and many more. Some of them are listed below:


Connectivity refers to establishing a proper connection between all the things of IoT to IoT platform it may be server or cloud. After connecting the IoT devices, it needs a high speed messaging between the devices and cloud to enable reliable, secure and bi-directional communication.


After connecting all the relevant things, it comes to real-time analyzing the data collected and use them to build effective business intelligence. If we have a good insight into data gathered from all these things, then we call our system a smart system.



 IoT integrating the various models to improve the user experience as well.

Artificial Intelligence

 IoT makes things smart and enhances life through the use of data. For example, if we have a coffee machine whose beans are going to end, then the coffee machine itself orders the coffee beans of your choice from the retailer.


The sensor devices used in IoT technologies detect and measure any change in the environment and report on their status. IoT technology brings passive networks to active networks. Without sensors, there could not hold an effective or true IoT environment.

Active Engagement

IoT makes the connected technology, product, or services to active engagement between each other.

Endpoint Management

It is important to be the endpoint management of all the IoT systems otherwise, it makes the system. For example, if a coffee machine itself order the coffee beans when it goes to the end but what happens when it orders the beans from a retailer and we are not present at home for a few days, it leads to the failure of the IoT system. So, there must be a need for endpoint management.

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