10 loss without Automation

Automation has a lot of potential to improve software development. Automation is often seen as a luxury, companies tend to move to rigourous manual testing, Deadlines in the real word are unforgiving, and since test code isn’t product code, automation tasks are given lower priority and dunked into the black hole of the backlog.

There are various losses which company tends to sufferis automation is not adapted.

Man Hours

Automated tests will automatically run. Manual tests must be manually run. That’s ontological. If you only run a test one time, then automation has no return-on-investment. But if you run a test more than once, automation saves a tester from repeating themselves.


Automated tests can achieve greater coverage than manual tests, particularly for regression testing. As product development progresses, the sheer number of test cases increases. For example, in Agile, new tests will be created every sprint. Older tests must be run periodically to verify that new features don’t break existing features.


Automated scripts run the same way every time.


Continuous integration (CI) protects code against defects by building and testing every code change in real time. A CI system will automatically trigger tests all the time.

Delivery Time

Continuous delivery (CD) is the natural extension of continuous integration, in which software products can automatically be delivered (and potentially even deployed) as the final step in a CI pipeline.

Results and Metrics

Automation can also generate test reports,Automated tests simply yield more accurate and more comprehensive results.


Inaccurate results may lead to poor business decisions. Automated results tell it like it is.


While automated tests can cover the fixed, repetitive test scenarios, exploratory testing lets testers find creative ways to uncover defects and judge how well a product actually works. Lack of automation ties up human capital.


The ultimate purpose of test automation is product quality. Having automation doesn’t necessarily mean product quality is good, but not having automation severely limits how quality can be pursued.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is this which is required most, it shall help the team to focus on new challenges and implementation.

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