Work at SiligentLogic

Working at SiligentLogic is an enthralling experience that fulfills you beyond your professional career. Work life balance is the core of our belief system. As a result, you get an entrepreneurial, mentally stimulating yet relaxed learning environment that sharpens your creative thinking, decision making and innovation.

We are proud of our highly motivated and competent global workforce hailing from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We are passionate about the development of our people. Our people are our biggest investment - they are the voice and heart of our business. And we are committed to realizing their potential through a combination of training, education and robust employment policies.

Rich culture that encourages simple virtues and practices like open door policy, respect for everyone, constant learning and developing skills, internal and external customer satisfaction. At SiligentLogic , flexibility is the key to our work culture. We practice flexible work timings, allow employees to pursue courses as part of learning and development. We allow you to set your own targets and share them with your leaders who are always there to help achieve your goals. Interested to join us, explore our current job openings.


Our Culture

SiligentLogic is known for being an employee friendly organization. We believe that employees are the greatest assets to the organization. We encourage our employees to provide their input and feedback to cultivate an employee friendly environment.

The culture at SiligentLogic is built on the below values:

Client Value

To surpass client expectations consistently.

Integrity and Transparency

To be ethical and sincere in all our transactions.


To be objective and transaction-oriented, and thereby earn trust and respect.

Leadership by Example

To set standards in our business and transactions, and to be an exemplar for the industry and ourselves.

To strive relentlessly; constantly improve ourselves, our teams, and our services and products to become the best.
Work at SiligentLogic

There’s more to work at SiligentLogic than just the work itself. We hire smart, friendly people and it shows in our culture. We hold ourselves to high standards and make sure our values of integrity, excellence, teamwork, commitment and sustainability come to life in the way we work. We make sure our employees feel continuously challenged while also supported. We provide professional growth opportunities, including leadership programs. We celebrate the diversity of our team.

Employee Benefits

Each employee at SiligentLogic is treated as an important stakeholder and provided equal opportunity for their career growth. The team at SiligentLogic consistently thrives to excel in their work space and offer better solutions to its clients. We are an equal opportunity employer and consider our employees as our most valuable assets. We try our best to provide benefits to our employees by introducing various new initiatives.